Thursday, November 26, 2009

TGR Birthday Edition

When I was 4 my teacher asked us on Thanksgiving what we were grateful for. My entire pre-school class said the obvious answers He-man toys, Thurdercats toys, and Barbies. But I was different (some would say I still am). I said my sister.

Today my birthday, as it did the day I was born and Bar Mitzvahed, coincides with Thanksgiving. I thought long and hard about what I should write about for my BDay post. And like in pre-school I have decided to turn my attention to my sister.

Often I write about famous athletes, up and coming athletes, and even retired ones. Dana, my sister, never played in college (although I know she could have) but she was one hell of a High School player.  I have seen and coached girls basketball players. Many were faster than her and even stronger than her. But no one ever had a better shot than my little sis. She could, and actually still can, shoot the lights out. Don't just take my word for it. Her numbers don't lie. She made the varsity team as a Freshman at Ida Crown and was probably the best player in the school at that point. She also is probably the school's All-Time leading female scorer but her stats were never really kept. As a Junior she became the first ever player from Ida Crown to go down state in the State 3-point contest. Something she again accomplished her Senior year. Now, many of the girls who make it down state do it with scores of 4s or 5s. Dana was doing it with 7s-10s. She also has the third most (at the time second most) 3-pointers made in a single game in Illinois state history. Below is from the IHSA record books.

Most 3-Point Field Goals Made, Game

*[1.]  12, Kassie Drew, Anna (A.-Jonesboro) vs. Chester, Dec. 2, 2003
[1.]  12, Courtney Weibel, Rockton (Hononegah) vs. Rockford (Harlem), Dec. 14, 2006
[3.]  11, Angie Sapp, Williamsville vs. Mason City (Illini Central), Feb. 7, 1990 (11 of 23)
[3.]  11, Kassie Drew, Anna-Jonesboro vs. Vienna, Dec. 21, 2002
[5.]  10, Mandy Cunningham, Bridgeport (Red Hill) vs. Robinson, Feb. 4, 1988
[5.]  10, Tracy Specketer, Normal (Community) vs. Champaign (Centennial), Dec. 15, 2001 (10 of 13 att.)
[5.]  10, Dana Fine, Chicago (Ida Crown) vs. Chicago (Cristo Rey), Dec. 22, 2001 (10 of 14 att.)

[5.]  10, Jenna Rubino, Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) vs. Joliet (H.S.), Dec. 19, 2002
[5.]  10, Jenna Rubino, Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) vs. Chicago (Vocational), Dec. 21, 2002
[5.]  10, Maggie McCloskey, Riverside (R.-Brookfield) vs. Lemont, Nov. 29, 2005
[5.]  10, Maggie McCloskey, Riverside (R.-Brookfield) vs. Franklin Park (Leyden), Feb. 4, 2006

Dana gave up competitive basketball to go the THE Ohio State University. She has stayed in the sports world coaching at Solomon Schechter, working for the Woman's Sports Foundation, and writing for Nike's Woman's Sports. Now she finds herself back in school getting a masters degree. 

So, for my birthday I want to salute my little sister. One who I miss very much being out here in Israel. I am also very thankful that she has to take care of Mom and Dad this year without me =)

Happy Turkey Day everyone and remember to be thankful for what you got.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine 

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