Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Story of the Week - Snyder vs. 'Skins vs. Riggins

Each week we try to bring you an interview with a Jewish athlete or someone involved in the Jewish sports world. But occasionally we are going to start bringing you a "Story of the Week" when something huge happens in the Jewish sports world. When something comes up big enough that it is making major headlines in the national news, TGR is dedicated to bringing you that story.

This past week Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder found himself in the headlines. In what appears to be another disappointing season for the 'Skins, Synder went on record publicly apologizing to the fans. He said, "I feel sorry for the fans. And we're very, very appreciative of our great, loyal fan base. And I'm understanding. I mean, we just feel terrible. We're disappointed, and we're embarrassed. And we hope to get it going soon."-

Synder has tried to make big splashes in the free agent and trade markets in an attempt to change the losing ways in DC. He has landed Clinton Portis and Santana Moss. This year he paid mega-bucks for Albert Haynesworth. But none of them have really panned out.

Maybe his apology was sincere. He has tried to land special players and coaches, just nothing has worked.

The story didn't end there. John Riggins, former Redskin great, began bashing Snyder. Riggins told the world that Synder was in it for the money. Towards the end of his comment he said, "Let me put it to you this way Cris [Collinsworth], this person’s heart is dark". -

Collinsworth seemed shocked by Riggins comments. But when a former great of any team makes statements about the ownership/management people listen. People will, maybe unfairly, side with the player. When Michael Jordan complained about Jerry Krause, Krause got the boot (even after 6 championships). Obviously, that is not always the case. Most Packer fans have not sided with Brett Farve after all his outbursts about the Packers treatment of arguably the greatest QB of all-time. Still, this spat between Synder, 'Skins Fans, and now Riggins has caught the nation's attention. Maybe that is just the spark the 'Skins need (although they are 0-1 since the comments).

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine
Photo by: dbking's flickr

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  1. Krause got a chance to build his own team after Jordan left. He failed miserably. When you go out of your way to make enemies with the greatest player that ever lived, that's going to rub some people the wrong way. He's disliked for a reason.