Monday, September 28, 2009

Julian Edelman Update

So after much research I have found out the truth behind Julian Edelman's Jewish background. His former college roommate and Kent State starting Defensive Tackle has confirmed for me that Edelman's father IS Jewish but mother IS NOT. Edelman considers himself Jewish, which is good enough for TGR. Frist himself is Jewish and also one heck of a football player.
 -Jeremy Fine


  1. I went to Princeton and played FB there. There are no posts on the web about me being an exceptional athlete/catholic that is still a virgin? Relax people. Let the guy play FB

  2. Julien was raised a Christian.He does not consider himself, nor is he jewish!

  3. True. He was raised Christian. My situation was similar (Catholic Dad, Jewish Mom). Are you Jewish gets a little complicated since, unlike most religions, it is also an ethnicity. When people ask me about my background, I say I'm 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Jewish, though I I don't practice either Catholicism or Judaism as a religion.