Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Temple Braun

This past Sunday my sister Dana and I headed to Miller Park. After having been to County Stadium in Milwaukee about 10 years ago (with Milwaukee-ian David Peckerman) I finally got out there to see the new stadium (thanks to amazing seats provided by Mike Schwartz). Besides seeing the new stadium and rooting for the Brew Crew, Dana and I had one goal, to find out if Ryan Braun’s Temple is Jewish friendly (notice below they do do Bar Mitzvahs).

First, we set out to find a Hebrew Hammer T-shirt. We walked the entire stadium. We checked the big store in the front, we looked in left field where Braun lives, and finally went to the superstore…but to no avail. In fact, unlike The Cell, Wrigley, and Fenway this stadium had no one even selling funny T-shirts outside the stadium (except one guy with Cubs Suck shirts…classic). Finally, we asked a store clerk about the T-shirts and we were told that they only sold Hebrew Hammer shirts on various websites. Sorry guys, if you want a Hebrew Hammer Braun shirt you will NOT find them at Miller Park. You will however find a stadium and fan-base truly devoted to their young stud of an outfielder. There are tons of shirts, bobble-heads, and other baseball goodies with the slugger’s face on it.

Once we realized that there were no Hebrew Hammer T-shirts we decided to see how we could keep kosher at Miller Park. As reported two weeks ago, Miller is not one of the stadiums with official kosher food. So Dana got a pretzel and of course got my Minute Maid Lemon Chill. But we did find something uniquely kosher-ish at the stadium. They had baked potato bar a little to the left of the entrance behind home plate. There I was able to get a baked potato, individually wrapped, with veggies. I found this to be a suitable option and very filling. See below:

No real luck with the T-shirt or Kosher food, but Jewish attributes of Miller Park aside it is an amazing ballpark. I was very impressed (Robin Yount Statue below...idolatry at its finest).

It was a great place to watch a game. The place was sold-out. The fans were into the game. The stadium was very fan friendly, especially for children. In the outfield there was a video arcade and tons of games for children. For adults or drinkers there was a vibrant bar in leftfield. Also, there was tons of interesting food options.

So Jewishly Miller park gets a D (what can you expect from a stadium that races sausages)

but as a stadium for a baseball experience I give it an A-. So if you get a chance you should definitely check out Ryan Braun’s Miller Park just remember to bring your own kosher dogs (or your Moses sign).

Lastly, Dana and I stopped at a vegetarian restaurant on the way home. It was in a shady neighborhood and we were not so into the Co-op thing, but the food was excellent.

And Let Us Say…Amen.

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