Friday, July 31, 2009

Shawn Green -o- Roids

As we all know there is a list from 2003 of 100 Major League Baseball players that tested positive for being on the juice. It seems that every day there are new names released. First it was ARod, then Sosa (and he still had to cork his bat), and now Manny and Ortiz. This list has not been seen in its entirety, which causes me to think what if our beloved Shawn Green was on that list.

There are three easy ways to tell if a certain player was on steroids. First, did they inflate like a balloon? For example, Mark McGwire is freakishly big. Sosa went from his twig like figure on the South Side to a behemoth on the North Side. The second way to tell is if there is a drastic increase in performance. For example, it what world would Brady Anderson hit over 50 home runs. I know which world, a steroid world. Finally, if a players body just totally falls a part. Jeff Bagwell comes to mind the most, but he hasn’t been on any list yet. Also, um…. can anyone say Mo Vaughn?

Shawn Green was definitely not in categories 1 & 3. He never got that big or retired due to body not holding up. But he fits in nicely in category 2. In Green’s first 3 full seasons he did not hit more than 16 home runs. Then in 1998 his power numbers jumped. He hit 35 dingers. Followed by 42, 24, 49, and 42. Then in 2003 it dropped back down to 19 followed by 28 and 22. Then he just started on a drastic decline.

I am not saying that Green took steroids. I have no idea if he did and I certainly have no proof. But as names slowly are revealed I pray that Green is not on that list. He was a Jewish ball player that my generation could be proud of. He took off for Yom Kippur and openly spoke about being Jewish.

TGR will do more stories on Green in the future, but for now let’s keep our fingers crossed that he never participated in any needle activities.

And Let Us Say…Amen
-Jeremy Fine
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