Friday, April 4, 2014

Interview: Dodger Legend Norm Sherry and

You may have seen this amazing piece of artwork below. / and Greg Harris has really drawn up some amazing interest and excitement through his project. Contacted to this achievement has been his ability to help non-profits raise money. We spoke with Greg and he put us in touch with Norm Sherry as a way to collaborate. If you are a baseball fan you need this piece of Jewish baseball history and if you are a baseball fan you need to read more about the guy who helped Sandy Koufax become Sandy Koufax. Meet Norm Sherry.

How was your experience with
It was a fun time. The people were so nice. There were a bunch of people there. It has been a long time since I have been around that many Jewish people all at once. It was nice.

What was your Jewish life like?
My parents weren't religious but my grand parents were. My great grandfather was a rabbi. My mother and grandmother always spoke Yiddish to each other. But we never learned about being Jewish even tough my High School was 90% Jewish. In order to play in a ball game we needed to come to school the day of the game and it was the Holidays. So I went and I was there basically by myself.

Others in your family played as well correct?
Larry played with me in '59. We also played winter ball together in Venezuela. Growing up we didn't play much together because he was 4 years younger than me. He would come to the field with us and we'd stick him in right field. My youngest brother George played 1 year in the majors too but hurt his arm, his rotator cuff and never came back. My other brother Stan was in World War II.

Did Sandy Koufax go to synagogue the Yom Kippur he missed his World Series start?
I don't knew if he went to synagogue. Sandy is a great guy, very down to earth. He never wanted the fame. Our lockers were next to each other. Once there was a young reporter and all the other reporters stormed him and the young kid didn't get to ask his question. After the other reporters left, Sandy went up to the young reporter and asked him what he wanted to know. He was a great guy.

Are you still in touch with Koufax?
We are not really in touch. Last time we saw each other was 3 or 4 years ago. I did call him after he was on TV recently and told him he looked good.

Do you ever go back and do work with the Dodgers?
When there are moments of emotion. For example when the Dodgers celebrated the '59 team. They are good about it and invite some of the old timers to come back.

What did you do after your playing days?
I managed in the majors for a little and in the minors as well. After my playing days I came back to Los Angeles and friends offered me a good paying job at JB Stevens, a carpet company. But then I was offered a manager job in Santa Barbara and took it. It paid a lot less money. Managing can be very taxing on a person, especially in the Major Leagues. Being a player was the best.

Again thank you to Norm, Greg, and the whole project. Check out!!! It is amazing.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top MLBers Stories Going into 2014

This year's Top 10 Jewish stories to look for on the Diamond:

10) Re-emergence of Aaron Poreda
A few years ago we were talking about Poreda as next in line of solid Jewish MLBer starters. He emerged quickly with the White Sox and was a major piece of the Jake Peavy trade. Since then his stock has plummeted and he really has not see the majors or been a mainstay in any organization. This Spring he has reemerged with the Texas Rangers and we hope he can reclaim his spot in the majors.

9) Joc the Jock
Joc Pederson is probably the best Jewish minor leaguer on the cusp of the majors. He has high potential to be a star. Lets hope a call up takes place this year.

8) A Youkilis Return
Kevin Youkilis has packed his bag for Japan. But its fair to say all of us would like him back in the USA. Lets hope a team needs a 3B soon and Youkilis can continue being one of the greatest Jewish players of all time...on American soil.

7) Free-man
Nate Freiman showed flashes of greatness last season but never became a full time starter. This year we hope the A's allow him to fly and strut his power hitting skills. Free Freiman.

6) Oldies But Goodies? Fuld, Marquis,Valencia
Both Fuld (A's) and Valencia (Royals) have caught on with teams and stand solid chances to make their respective ballclubs. Marquis, one of the greatest Jewish pitchers of all time, has yet to find a home. Lets hope all three find a way into the Majors this year.

5) Where Do We Begin: Zeid, Pillar, Lavarnway, Kalish
Josh Zeid, Kevin Pillar, Ryan Lavarnway, and Ryan Kalish all spent most of the season in the minors last year. Lavernway has yet to stick with the BoSox despite high potential. Kalish is getting over a season ending injury and is now with the Cubs, and Zeid and Pillar are hoping to start where they finished the season in the majors. Keep an eye on all four because they could all have breakout years.

4) Will They Mets Expectations: Satin and Davis
Both Josh Satin and Ike Davis have shown that they can play and start on a major league club. Both have also proven that they can go through major slumps. Both vying for a roster spot and two guys who wouldn't mind starting at 1B will see how much longer the Mets can deal with inconsistency. We are pulling for them both, hoping they can turn DPs together (Satin plays the whole INF).

3) New Unis: Kinsler and Feldman
Both Scott Feldman and Ian Kinsler have new uniforms. For both expectations are very high. Feldman finds himself atop the rebuilding Astros rotation and Kinsler replacing the bat of Prince Fielder. Great opportunity for both.

2) Breslow Back to Back
Its hard to make a name for yourself as a middle relief pitcher but Craig Breslow has. Now with a World Series ring, lets see if Breslow can continue being sharp on the field and make it back to back.

1) Braun's Back
Clearly the number one story is the return of Ryan Braun. Braun's steroid scandal rocked the baseball world as did his first at bat of Spring training (home run). Braun will have to battle the critics but he did his time and now its time for his bat to do the talking. Go gett'em Ryan!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Senior Schwartz to Giants

Geoff Schwartz has signed with the NY Giants. Lots of kosher restaurants to choose from. Click HERE for more.

Monday, March 10, 2014

NFL Offseason News

The Patriots continue to engage Julian Edelman with a new contract after his breakout year. But things might not work out. HERE is ESPN's view.

Gabe Carimi is headed to Atlanta after a brief stint with the Bucs. Read more HERE.

Like Carimi now Adam Podlesh is a former Bear as Chicago has released its punter. More HERE.

Taylor Mays, coming off injury, is expected to remain with the Bengals. More on the Safety's return HERE.